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How to buy a house or property

Regardless of your circumstances, our ‘how to buy a property’ guide has all the necessary information that will guide you through the full process, from how to search for a property for sale, to legal and surveying procedures and more.

Working out your budget

Buying a flat or a house will likely be the single largest transaction you will have to make. This is why it is imperative that you set your budget correctly. There are a number of factors that will impact on your budget:

- Your salary/income and that of your partner

- Your equity in any existing properties you may have

- The deposit amount for your mortgage

- Any debts that are still outstanding or any outgoing commitments


Before you begin the search for a property to buy, you may talk to one of our mortgage advisers, and discuss your requirements with them, to determine what you can afford. The vast majority of lenders will lend up to three times your annual income. Some may lend you more but at higher rates.

Not only is it important to determine the value of a property you can afford, but it is quite important to also remember the additional charges that may be incurred as part of the process of buying a property. These include:

- Deposit

- Stamp duty

- Solicitor fees

- Lender valuation fees

- Survey fee

- Furniture and fittings


Define your requirements

Although you’ll undoubtedly have many requirements from your new home, however the reality is that what can be achieved would rely on the budget you have set for the new property.

A good way to begin is to look at properties that have been sold in the areas of interest to you in order to see how much they were sold for. This will give you an indication of hat property types, sizes and styles you will be able to afford in all the different areas of interest.


In order to find the ideal location to buy a property at, you must think about what is most important to you and what suits the purpose of your investment in the property in the first place. For example, how important is it that your new property is situated near a school, how long is the commute to work, accessibility to restaurants and bars, access to public transport, distance to family, friends and relatives, and the types of neighbours you will end up having.

When you conduct a property search on We Sell BMV, our experts are able to help you with the answers to all of the above questions to make it easier for you to make the right-move, or to make the right property investment that suits your needs.

Property specifications

The actual living requirements is a huge factor which must be considered during the process of investing in properties or buying a house or a flat to move into. Your personal circumstances will determine your needs, but a few more factors must be considered that may help you define what you really ought to look for:

- Type of property: new, old, Victorian, property Georgian property, Edwardian property.

- Location: social facilities, family and friends, leisure, schools, public transport.

- Bedrooms: number of bedrooms and their sizes.

- How many bathrooms are there in the property?

- Reception rooms: How many are there? Is the dining room separate? Is there a play room / utility room?

- Heating

- Garage

- Driveway

- Double glazing windows?

- Access to main roads

- Parking

Special requirements

- Swimming pools

- Paddocks

- Land

- Off-street parking


Searching for a property to buy

You’re ready to start searching as soon as you’ve decided what your budget will be, what type of property you want to buy and the location in which you’re searching for a property to invest in.

At We Sell BMV, you will have access to hundreds of great opportunities to invest in properties in prime locations and you will have access to expert advice and guidance which is tailored to your needs, making this property investment the right-move for you.

Arranging to view a property for sale

It is extremely important to view as many properties for sale as possible in order to gain a thorough understanding of what is available on the market in your specific areas.

Remember, in such a competitive market, it is very important to start viewing properties for sale at an early stage so that you give yourself a time advantage.


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Investment Properties

BMV Property - 2 Bed Mid Terrace - Stoke-On-Trent
We Sell BMV: Invetsment properties available all around the UK
Discount Available: 25%
Open Market Value: £40000
Net Purchase Value: £30000
Equity Bonus: £10000
Estimated Rental: £300
Yield: 12%
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Estimated Rental: £1450
Yield: 8.4%
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Properties Available All Around The UK

We Sell BMV: Investment properties available all around the UK

20% - 30% discount available

20% - 30% Discount

We sell prime investment properties at discounts of 20% to 30% against today's current market value. We have genuine discounted property with full due diligence including value and letting assessment.

transparent deals by we sell bmv

Transparent Deals

We have various methods of purchase and financing available for our customers. We have transparent deal structures and fees with no hidden charges. We will guide you through everything.

start to finish service by we sell bmv

Start to finish Service

we provide complete start to finish service to our customers. From mortgage/finance to legal Conveyancing to refurbishment & letting. We will guide you through all the steps.

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