Prime investment properties at substantial discounts. 20% - 30% Discount. Various methods of purchase & financing. Transparent deal structure.
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Below Market Value Property Investment in Manchester - Manchester

We Sell BMV: Invetsment properties available all around the UK
Discount Available: 25%
Open Market Value: £99950
Net Purchase Value: £74963
Equity Bonus: £
Estimated Rental: £425
Yield: 6.8%
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"A colleague of mine recommended Harry at We Sell BMV who had purchased a couple of descent property investments & my agent had also used him before and said positive things. I met Harry at the club after a game and he talked me through what sounded quite simple and what sounded like good investment deals so I decided to give it a try. Extremely happy and now building a very nice portfolio of properties which have all been solid deals. Looking forward to my next purchase."
JM, UK Professional League Footballer

"Excellent service, we came to We Sell BMV after being let down by another direct agent. Finally a honest & reliable company that work to your needs with a proper one-to one consultation. Thank you for making sure the property purchase is the right one & done the right way and in the end securing a fantastic deal! As my time is limited during the day, I am very greatful to you for making the purchase easy and hassle free."
Dr S Gopinath, Radialogist Doctor, London